A Little Bit Vintage

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Vintage items are so popular these days.  Some amazing clothes, jewellery and accessories can be found in thrift stores all over the place.  But I personally believe that the best vintage items, are the ones passed on to us by our parents, grandparents and other important elders in our lives.

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a really special bond with both of my grandmothers.  They were so special to me - and now that they're gone, I still miss them every day.

So for something a little bit different, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite items I have from them.  All of these things are so special to me, because I feel that I can carry a piece of them with me wherever I go.

Another very special item to me, is a necklace I had specially made.  I had it engraved with both of my grandmothers names and the years they left us.  It's one of my favourite pieces of jewellery and I love wearing it.

All of these items are priceless to me, and I'll carry them with me until maybe one day I have my own little girl and feel ready to pass them on.  My grandmothers though - will be in my heart always!

S ☓
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  1. I defintely agree with you about the best vintage items being the ones we inherit from our parents/grandparents - I have a beautiful aquamarine and marcasite cocktail ring which mum passed on to me, it was given to her by her father when she was a teenager and it's one of my very favourite pieces of jewellery. I love the maroon purse you have, did that belong to our Oma?

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Actually the purse belonged to my mum's mum and so did the rings. The earrings belonged to Oma and I also have her wedding ring, but because I always wear it I didn't think to put it in the pic ☓


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