Peggy Sue Body + Bath Oil and Brew Pockets Review

Friday 25 September 2020

Peggy Sue is a stunning, environmentally friendly, and ethical Australian beauty brand. The beautiful ladies who created the brand, did so with self-care predominantly in mind.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to choose two products from the Peggy Sue range to try - how lucky am I?

The ones I chose were the beautiful Body + Bath Oil and the Tea Bath Brew Pockets.

Peggy Sue Tea Bath Brew Pockets and Bath + Body Oil

I had very recently undergone my fourth laparoscopic surgery for Endometriosis treatment. So, when my parcel arrived in the mail, I wasn't able to try the products straight away - as much as I just wanted to dive into the bath and stay there!

Everything was so beautifully presented, and the products themselves are stunning.

The Bath + Body Oil comes in a refillable glass bottle, complete with pretty flowers floating in the oil - so special!

To add an even more special touch to the package, a Thank You card was included with a sweet message, AND it's seeded, so I can plant it. It doesn't get much cooler than that!

The Peggy Sue brand is owned by Shanah Baxter and Alysha Hack. The ladies started their business in October 2016. Shanah and Alysha say they have both struggled with self-care, being busy mums - they have five children between them! After Shanah tragically lost her precious son, Tobias, at only ten days old, she made a promise to herself she would spend at least ten minutes every morning on her skincare routine. Not out of vanity - but necessity. Experiencing such a tragedy reminded her of how important self-care is to our mental well-being.

Peggy Sue Tea Bath Brew Pockets

Taking a few moments for ourselves each day is not selfish, it's crucial to our health, both physically and mentally.

Shanah and Alysha have created a stunning range of products for all women to enjoy. The Peggy Sue range is of the highest quality, but still won't break the bank.

I have loved trying these beautiful products! My Bath + Body Oil is almost gone and it makes me genuinely sad. Nooooooo!

I can honestly say that since using the oil regularly, my skin is so lovely and soft. And the Brew Pockets? Well, they're just pure luxury! On their own they are subtle, but used together with the oil or even a bubble bath, they are divine!

You can order the Peggy Sue Bath + Body Oil here for $48AUD, and the Brew Pockets here for $32AUD. 

They are well worth the money, and the time you spend using them is invaluable!


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