Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 9

Thursday 17 January 2013

So this week was a tough one to watch. My fears from the preview were confirmed regarding Chelsea's little French Bulldog, Frankie - I had to pause and go get the tissues at one point. Any way, here's my little rundown for this week.

Jenelle broke up with Josh and decided to move out and get a place with her friend Amber and her 6 month old son, Brantley. Barbara & Mike seem to be supportive of her decision and once again help her move. Barb was quite happy with Jenelle's choice of house, but was none too impressed when she found out Jenelle had dropped her classes once again.

Kailyn is back from Texas and still talking about moving there. She doesn't seem too concerned about how Jo will feel about her taking Isaac away. When Kail went to pick up Isaac from Jo after her trip, she found out that her mother had stopped by to see Isaac behind her back. Needless to say, Kailyn wasn't impressed. She called her mum to talk about it, only to be hung up on twice. Although Jo doesn't particularly understand why Kailyn is so upset about the whole thing, he is supportive and agrees to let Kail know if her mother comes by again. When Kail mentions the possibility of her moving to Texas though, Jo is understandably unhappy about the idea.

Leah has made up her mind about Corey and decided not to give him another chance after all. Good job Leah, you're so much happier with Jeremy! She decides to sell the trailer she's been living in and find a nicer, bigger house for her and the girls to live in. As usual, Ali & Aleeah were their adorable selves. Ali's face after sucking on a piece of lemon was priceless! Leah found a great house and is excited about moving on with her life, much to Jeremy's relief after the drama with Corey last week.

Chelsea is getting ready to take another practice test for her G.E.D. when the drama unfolds. She let her dogs, Frankie & Darla out for a potty break when Frankie ran off and the neighbours Husky got a hold of her. Frankie was killed and poor Chelsea was left devastated. Little Aubree broke my heart when she told her Papa "Mommy's crying!" and "Where Frankie go?". Of course after all of this, Chelsea missed her test and had to take it the following week. She passed, even though she was stressed and not feeling well. Go Chels!

Looking forward to meeting Kailyn's new man, Javi in next weeks episode.

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