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Monday 14 January 2013

On this day 59 years ago, beautiful Marilyn Monroe and her sweetheart, Joe DiMaggio were married.

They started dating after Joe took a fancy to Marilyn in 1952 and asked a friend of his to arrange a meeting with her.  After that they began seeing each other regularly, often at Joe's restaurant as they wanted to keep a low profile.

On January 14, 1954 they were married at San Francisco City Hall.  The wedding plans had been leaked to to the press, and needless to say they were mobbed by reporters and fans.

It was while they were on their honeymoon in Japan that Marilyn was asked to go to Korea to perform for the American troops.  Joe is said to have been extremely unhappy with her decision to accept the invitation.

Joe was never particularly comfortable with his new wife's "sex symbol" status.  He was very jealous, which ultimately is what led to their troubled relationship and failed marriage.

Marilyn & Joe were divorced in October, 1954 - just 9 months after their wedding.  Marilyn filed, claiming "mental cruelty" from Joe.  She later went on to marry playwright, Arthur Miller.

Most Marilyn fans, including myself, do believe though that Joe was really her one true love.  After Marilyn's death, Joe made the funeral arrangements and continued to send roses to her crypt regularly for 2 decades.  It's also said that before Joe passed away, he mentioned that he would "finally get to see Marilyn" again.  One of my favorite Marilyn stories.

Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio

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