Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 8

Friday 11 January 2013

I finally got to see the latest Teen Mom 2 episode last night, so here's my rundown of all things Chelsea, Leah, Jenelle & Kailyn.

First of all, I am in LOVE with Chelsea's French Bulldog, Frankie.  Cutest little pup ever!  Not to mention how adorable little Aubree is.  I think she gets cuter in every episode, if that's possible.  Seeing her cry for her mummy when Chelsea left to take her G.E.D. tests broke my heart.  Good news though, Chels aced her tests and made her lovely dad super proud.  On another note, it's time for little Aubree to start potty training.  She doesn't seem too keen on the potty just yet, but it has to be said that Chelsea is so good with her.  She even created a Potty Chart for Aubs to try and help make things a little more fun for her.

Kailyn overall seemed pretty miserable throughout this episode.  We saw her fly to Texas to reconnect with her family.  She bonded really well with her cousin Kaylie and her half-sister Mikayla, and even toyed with the idea of moving there.  Her dad on the other hand, did not receive a visit and probably won't anytime soon.  Kailyn recalled the last time she saw him she was six months pregnant and he asked to borrow $20.  I must say, I could see the resemblance between Kail and her sister.  Mikayla gave Kailyn a ring, which I thought was super sweet.  Another highlight was watching Kailyn attempt bull riding with Kaylie!

Jenelle had plenty of drama to offer, as always.  I have to say I really felt for her during this episode though - she seemed genuinely distraught at one point, after going back on her bi-polar meds.  Maybe it's because I can relate to similar emotional problems, but I felt really bad for her.  On a lighter note, we saw her take Jace to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.  Although Jenelle didn't crack a smile once, it was super cute watching Jace with his little baby pumpkin!  In true Jenelle fashion, she is now claiming that she moved in with Josh as some kind of favour to his mother.  That's not really the way I remember it, but okay.  She also seems to think that spending 2 hours alone with Jace should be enough proof for Barbara to see what a great mum she is.

And then there's poor Leah, who I think had it pretty tough during this episode.  Corey is being super unfair to her, claiming he now wants her back and thinks their divorce was a mistake.  Convenient now that she's finally moved on and happy with Jeremy.  I couldn't help but think how difficult it must have been for Leah & Jeremy to watch the footage back, as we now know they are happily married with a baby girl on the way.  Jeremy seems like a genuinely good guy, so I think Leah has done well for herself in that regard.  As always, Leah's parents offered her comfort and good advice while she struggled with her confusion and what she should do.  We also saw precious Ali & Aleeah crying their little hearts out when Leah left them with the babysitter to go to school.  Another moment to break my little heart.

On a whole, I enjoyed this episode as I always do.  I've been left a little terrified by next weeks preview though, as to what happens to little Frankie!  I hope the little pup is okay!

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