NAT C Serum by NAT. Review

Monday 18 November 2013

I was given the opportunity a few weeks ago, to try one of the new products from the NAT. skincare range.  Of course I jumped at the chance, and I chose to try the NAT. C serum, a vitamin C serum that works to fight the aging process and promote radiance with its beautiful, natural ingredients.

I must admit, I had never heard of NAT. before, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this product - but I can honestly say that I love, love, LOVE it!
I've been using the serum every day for the past two and a half weeks - sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night (and sometimes both).  It gives such a beautiful glow to my skin, even underneath makeup.

If I choose to use it in the morning, I apply it onto clean, toned skin and then follow it with my normal daily moisturizer.  However, when I use it at night, I like to use it without a moisturizer and just give it a chance to soak in really well on its own.  I don't like to bombard my skin with too much product, so the serum on it's own over night is lovely.  My skin feels velvety soft in the morning and has that beautiful glow that vitamin C serums seem to leave behind.

As I've said many times, I really love using natural and organic products wherever possible, and I love the beautiful, healthy ingredients in the NAT. C serum - vitamin C of course, milk thistle oil and seabuckthorn extract.

The natural antioxidants work as an aging preventative, rather than a cure.  So I feel that it's a great option for someone in my age bracket (mid twenties-thirties). 

I absolutely love this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in trying out a natural serum.

If you'd like to learn more about the NAT. C serum, you can visit the NAT. website at x

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