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Tuesday 4 June 2013

I may be slightly late on the uptake, but I've recently discovered the beauty of all things YouTube!

I'm particularly in love with a few beauty channels, which I subscribe to and watch religiously - so I thought I'd share those with you today.

The first one is my absolute favourite - saturdaynightsalrite!  Karissa is absolutely beautiful inside and out, and her videos are lovely.  She uploads 3 videos per week, which range from beauty tutorials, to tags, to vlog's and hauls.  Karissa is very easy to watch and as she is based in Australia (originally from Canada), the products she speaks about on her channel are readily available to us in Aus or online.  Definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!

My next favourite is zoella280390.  Zoe is a beautiful, bubbly girl based in the UK and her video's are great.  She mostly uploads beauty hauls and vlog type video's, but also has a couple of more personal ones relating to anxiety issues.  I love her for being willing to open up to the world in the hope that she can help even just one or two people - she has certainly helped me by sharing her story.  Zoe's best friend Louise, also has a channel - Sprinkleofglitter, which I love!  Louise is so bubbly and funny.  Her video's are also mostly beauty based, but she also films quite a bit with her incredibly adorable daughter, Darcy - she is guaranteed to put a smile on your face no matter how miserable you may be feeling at the time!  Zoe's link is and Louise's is

laurenbeautyy is another of my absolute fave's.  Lauren is an Australian YouTuber and her video's are easy to watch and full of great products and advice.  She uploads a lot of tutorials and favourites video's, which I really enjoy.  Check her out at

The last channel I'll mention is Tanya Burr.  Tanya is a makeup artist in the UK and her video's are great.  She is so lovely on camera, which make her very easy to watch and listen to.  Her makeup tutorials are fantastic and I also really enjoy her vlog's.  Have a look at

I have so many more favourites I want to mention, so I may need to create a 'part two' of this post at some stage down the track.

Please do comment if you'd like to share your favourites, or what you think of the ones I've mentioned.

Happy YouTubing!

S ☓
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