SASSOU JAPAN 24K Gold Infused Beauty Cleansing Bar Review

Friday 19 October 2018

If I told you there was this amazing bar of soap that will do wonders for your skin and you just have to try it - you'd totally go out and buy it, right?

What if I told you that bar of soap costs $100.00?

Hear me out. This cleansing bar by Sassou Japan is not only a beautiful, foaming bar of soap - it is also packed with refined 24 carat gold flakes! 24K GOLD!!!

This is honestly one of the most lovely products I've ever had the pleasure of trying - it is pure luxury! But not only that - it really has done wonders for my skin!

In addition to the gold, the cleansing bar also contains over 20 natural plant extracts. It enhances detoxification, improves moisture retention and leaves skin radiant!

So, what's the deal with the gold?

Well, apparently there are similar qualities found in gold as there are in certain Chinese herbal medicines that help with healing and recovery. Gold has the power to magnify the effects of skincare ingredients by targeting and awakening weakened structures in the skin.

The gold activates collagen production, while other ingredients such as Amica Montana, Lamium Album Flower extracts and honey deposit antioxidants to combat acne and other skin irritations, as well as repairing damaged skin and rejuvenating the complexion.

The Sassou Japan Gold Beauty Cleansing Bar retails for $100 AU. It comes with a cleansing net to help get the most out of the rich lather of this beautiful bar.

If you're looking for something to spoil yourself or someone you love with a little extra pampering, I would definitely recommend this - it's absolute heaven!

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