Beautiful Bullies

Monday 12 January 2015

Something has really been bothering me lately.  It's the way women (in particular, but not solely), are treating each other via social media, forums and just online in general.

I have found this to be true, particularly amongst the "beauty guru" group.  Whether it be bloggers or YouTubers, it just seems that we as females, genuinely enjoy tearing shreds off each other in public forums for the whole world to see.

One gossip site in particular (which I won't name, but am certain any bloggers/vloggers/youtubers reading this will know the one I'm referring to), openly admits to serving one purpose, and that is to publicly humiliate popular "social media personalities".  I had heard others talk about this site many times, so I decided to check it out for myself and see what all the fuss was about.  I was genuinely surprised at how harsh, and downright mean, some of the comments and threads were!

Maybe I'm just naive in my thinking, but I truly can't understand why we feel the need to do this to each other.  Why can't we be happy for each others successes?  Why is it as soon as someone puts themselves out there, doing something they love, someone has to knock them down and trample them with cruel and humiliating remarks?  Why can't we just be happy for them and move on?

YouTubers in particular seem to bare the brunt of the abuse.  I love YouTube, and have many channels that I watch regularly.  I can't even count how many of my favourites have, at some point in time, had to "take a break" from filming, or even permanently delete their channels, because the tormenting has become too much for them to handle!  It truly baffles me that people take so much joy in making others miserable.  Throwing insults at them for their looks, the way they speak, the way they dress, how they raise their children, what they eat, what they do for work, their personal relationships, their family members, and the list goes on.  What gives any of us the right to comment on any of those things to begin with?

How do these women - usually beautiful, talented, young women - turn into such mean and spiteful people?

Please be kind, ladies.  Let's remember what our mothers taught us - "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all"!  It really is that simple.

Image by Amy Clarke used under Creative Commons license.

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