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Monday 9 June 2014

It's no secret that I'm a huge  fan of Essie  nail polishes.  I have so many of them, and their shades are just so beautiul and varied.  So I thought today I'd show you some of my absolute favourites - the ones I always keep going back to without fail!

My number one at the moment, is by far Bikini So Teeny!  I love this colour SO  much!  It's such a pretty, pastel blue, without being too bright to wear with anything.  I wear this shade a lot, and I constantly get complimented on my nails whenever I have it on!

One of the newest colours I've been loving is Lilacism.  I will admit that this shade is quite similar to Bikini So Teeny, depending on the angle, but I love that it seems to change in different lights.  It can go from being a pale blue, to a really pretty lilac depending on the way you look at it.  I think it's a really pretty and wearable shade, especially for Spring or Summer.

The next shades I'm really enjoying, are Midnight Cami  and Lapiz Of Luxury.  Midnight Cami is such a beautiful shade if you are looking for something dark.  To look at it directly, it almost looks black, but in sunlight it has a gorgeous blue tinge to it, and I love that it's just a little bit different from your every day dark shade.  Lapiz Of Luxury of course, is another pretty purple/blue colour, but a little darker than the others I have.  I love these colours, I think they're just so pretty!

Lastly, I've really been enjoying Turquoise & Caicos  - a beautiful minty green.  It looks so pretty on and even though it's quite bright, it wears well with anything.  Essie has some of the prettiest pastel shades, and this one doesn't disappoint!

Essie is available at various department stores and pharmacies, however I like to purchase mine from BeautyBay.  They are a lot cheaper at $13.70AUD and I love that I can get an extra 35% off by using my Cuponation account.  You can also sign up with them for other amazing beauty coupons and deals!

I'd love to hear what shades you love the most, so as always, please do comment and let me know x

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  1. These colours are gorgeous! I love the pastel blue and purple. They look so summery! I haven't tried essie before but the colours and finish always look fab x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. Thanks Georgia, they are definitely worth a try :)

  2. Great choice of shades! I love all of these! These sort of colours are my go to polishes for Summer :)

    Style Sunrise


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