Premium Spa with Organics Australia Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter

Sunday 6 October 2013

This week, I was excited to try out the Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter from Premium Spa with Organics Australia.  I'm a big fan of coconut as a scent and of course you can never go wrong with vanilla, so I was drawn to this one straight away.
My first impression was that it smelled amazing, but I wasn't sure about the texture.  It looks very thick, but feels quite "yoghurty", so I wasn't sure how well it would soak in.  After trying it, I was really pleasantly surprised to find that it soaked in extremely well, and so fast!  The scent lingers throughout the day, but is not too overpowering - it's just lovely!  The smell is probably more coconut than vanilla - but you can tell that there is a little something extra in it.
I haven't tried any other products from the Premium Spa range, but I love that they are not tested on animals and the ingredients are lovely.  This one has organic Australian macadamia nut oil, coconut, vanilla and almond oil.
I purchased from Priceline for $4.99, however I believe it was a 50% off sale at the time.
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