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Monday 30 September 2013

I recently came across the most beautiful blog, Allure by Maddison.  I've really enjoyed reading Maddison's posts and I think she's a really talented, young blogger.  Allure by Maddison is a beauty & fashion based blog with a beautiful layout.  Maddison's posts are filled with great reviews and beautiful photo's.

I was lucky enough to chat to Maddison last week and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for me to include for you all to get to know her a little better.

Maddison from Allure by Maddison and Allure Blogger Design
Hi Maddi, thank you so much for chatting with me!  What made you start up Allure by Maddison?

I've forever been a reader of blogs and the more I delved into the blogging world the more I was inspired to start myself. Also, having a lot of time on my hands I started Allure by Maddison as a novelty to keep busy, and now I couldn't see myself without it.
And have you always been interested in beauty and fashion?
Yes, absolutely. I've always been into beauty and fashion, the only things that change over time are the trends, styles and products that I lust over. 
Absolutely!  Do you have an all time favourite beauty product?
This is a hard one as I'm always buying new and different products to try out, does lipstick count? Because I don't think I can delve into much more specifics than that!
Definitely, I think most of us girls can't live without our lipstick!  Are there any bloggers in particular who inspire you?
Honestly, every blogger I come across inspires me one way or another. Established bloggers such as Andrea at RosyChicc help keep me motivated as her blog is always filled with gorgeous photographs and content. Bloggers I talk to regularly on Twitter or simply just follow also inspire me, whether their blogs are completely different or extremely alike to mine. Such bloggers include @kateflint89, @BeautyLifeM and @morethanadored.
That's great!  What about perfumes, do you have a signature scent?
No, alike my buying habits with beauty products I try too many different perfumes to have just one favourite/signature scent.
I can definitely relate to that!  I noticed you have a second blog, Allure Blogger Design.  Have you had any training in web design?  Or is it more of a hobby?
I definitely have not had training in web design, although now you mention it I wouldn't mind learning professionally. I enjoy learning how to design and update my blog and so my main reason in starting Allure Blogger Design was to share my knowledge into easy tutorials for others to achieve things for their blogs.
Well, I think you've done a great job with it and I've learnt a few things from your posts myself, so thank you!  Finally, what advice can you give to any new bloggers just getting started?
This is a funny one because I still consider myself to be just 'getting started' however my main advice would be to talk from your heart and post content that you enjoy talking about - as it really shows. Additionally, take inspiration from other bloggers and aspire to grow your blog alike others however don't compare your 'success' with another blog - followers, readers and views will come with time!

Thanks so much Maddison for chatting with me, I wish you all the very best with both of your lovely blogs and future endeavours!

Please go and check out Allure by Maddison at www.allurebymaddison.blogspot.com.au and show your support by following x
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