LipSense Review and First Impressions

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I have to admit I had never heard of LipSense, until my lovely friend, Sharon, recently became a distributor. She invited me to join her Facebook page - which of course I did - and I became intrigued by the brand and its story (and all the beautiful colours - there are a lot!).

As someone who is extremely against any form of animal cruelty or mistreatment, my ears pricked up as soon as I heard that LipSense doesn't test on animals. Not only that, but the formula is said to be waterproof, kiss-proof and smudge-proof - and who doesn't want that in a lip product?

So I decided to go ahead and give them a try. I purchased two colours, a Glossy Gloss and the Ooops! Remover. LipSense recommend this combination (colour + gloss + ooops!) for anyone trying out the products for the first time, as they are designed to work together.

I chose the colours 'Summer Sunset' and 'First Love', because I wanted to try something bright but also something more neutral.

LipSense colours can also be combined, so you can pretty much create any colour your heart desires with only a few products. Yay!

Below is me (awkwardly) trying out my chosen colours.

'Summer Sunset'

'First Love'
So, what did I think?

Initially, I wasn't 100% sold. I wore 'Summer Sunset' out to dinner and when I looked in the mirror afterwards, I was horrified to find the colour was pretty much completely gone from the corners of my lips - yuck!

BUT... I knew Sharon would not be promoting a product that wasn't amazing, so alas, I gave it another chance. I also went back and checked out the proper way to apply the LipSense and realised I had most likely not allowed the colour to dry enough in between layers (duh!).

So, take two I decided to wear 'First Love' to work. I figured that would be a real test, since I would be drinking coffee, eating lunch and blabbing all day on the phone. I made sure to allow plenty of time for the colour to dry in between each layer, and applied it carefully before heading off to work.

Did it last? Oh yes! I ate, I drank, I talked, I wiped my mouth - and the colour stayed put! In fact, the first photo above was taken late-afternoon on a work day after only applying 'Summer Sunset' once in the morning!

I've never been one to reapply or touch up my makeup during the day - I just don't think about it (until I look in the mirror and see a shiny mess)! So these lip colours are amazing for ladies like me.

For a LipSense starter kit (colour, gloss and ooops! remover) the RRP is $74.00 (AUD). Alternatively, the colours can be purchased on their own for $34.00, the gloss for $26.00 and the remover for $14.00 (all AUD). As I mentioned, they are designed to work together as a set, so a starter kit is definitely the way to go if you're a beginner (aka clueless) like me.

You can check out Sharon's page here to find out more about LipSense, or if you are interested in trying some of the products out for yourself.

I would love to hear your thoughts on them too, so don't forget to come back and comment!

Thanks for reading! xo
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